floating structures

Durable, safe and environmentally friendly floating platforms…

With our innovative materials and superior engineering skills, we set our floating structures apart in the industry with unrivaled durability and longevity. With our environmentally friendly practices and reusable resources, we create sustainable floating structures that respect nature.

Our floating structures, which meet all kinds of industrial needs, offer uninterrupted safety and durability to our customers in a wide range of areas from ports to modern living spaces, from floating bridges to floating solar power plants.

Versatile Structures, Limitless Possibilities

Perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each sector, our floating structures offer solutions in a wide range of sectors from maritime to energy, tourism to construction. The floating structures we offer meet different commercial and industrial requirements with flexibility and durability, allowing you to stand out in your industry.

Resistant to harsh climatic and sea conditions, our floating structures offer a combination of safety and performance. In wetlands, especially those exposed to high waves and winds, our floating structures are a reliable anchor point.

Our floating structures are not only functional, but also an economical and environmentally friendly solution. Each project is shaped by our engineering approach that respects nature as a sustainable investment for the future.


Projects that demonstrate our expertise on the sea and water: Check FCP Marine’s References.