FCPGrand: Durable and High-Capacity Floating Structures in Harsh Natural Conditions

As FCP Marine, we develop floating structure solutions that offer high carrying capacity, freeboard and durability performance in the harshest natural conditions with our FCP Grand product group. These structures, which will be your reliable solution partner in large projects, are especially ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Strong Durable Floating Buildings

The FCP Grand range is the perfect solution for large-scale projects and commercial applications. Whether for a marina, a floating hotel or industrial applications such as power plants, FCP Grand provides a leading solution in the floating structures sector, offering durability, safety and performance. As FCP Marine, we produce floating structures that make your dreams come true with quality and environmentally friendly materials and we build the best floating structures resistant to harsh natural conditions.

FCP Grand is manufactured in the field environment due to its dimensions, saving time and cost. It offers a long-lasting service thanks to the resistance of the raw materials used in it to fresh water and salt water. It is also resistant to UV rays and corrosive effects, thus ensuring a strong and reliable structure.