As FCP Marine, we are proud to be a pioneer and reliable company in the floating scaffolding systems sector since 2018. With our experienced and specialized team, we work to design, build and float all structures on water, including floating piers. To add value to our projects, we offer more than concrete and steel and float your dreams.

Each floating scaffolding and construction project is packed with environmentally friendly, sustainable and high-performance solutions, making us the partner of choice in the floating construction industry. As FCP Marine, we are shaping the living spaces of the future on the water today and constantly reinforcing our leadership in this field.


With our expertise and trained personnel, we attach importance to human health, respect for the environment and nature, high quality and technology standards in floating scaffolding systems and all our other activities. We offer safe and lifecycle-oriented floating scaffolds and continuously improve our occupational health and safety measures. We work systematically to prevent pollution and protect the ecosystem. We continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers by meeting their current and future expectations.


We closely follow all innovations in the floating scaffolding systems sector, integrate them into our work and apply them to our projects. By adapting to technological and sectoral needs, we are constantly researching and developing to offer the best solutions to our customers.

Impressive Design Solutions

With the unique vision of our talented and experienced designers, FCP Marine offers impressive design solutions that turn your dreams into reality. By adopting aesthetic, functional and environmentally friendly principles, we prepare designs that add value to your projects and make a difference.

Latest Technologies

At FCP Marine, we use the latest equipment, materials, technology and developments to provide the best service to our customers. We continuously evaluate the latest trends and technological innovations in the sector and integrate them into our projects in the most appropriate and effective ways.

As a pioneer in the floating construction industry, FCP Marine brings your projects to life with innovative solutions, impressive design solutions and the latest technologies. We aim for sustainable success in the sector by always prioritizing the expectations of our business partners and customers.

Our company transforms sea and lake life by offering innovative floating building solutions. Our product range is based on four main models; Fcp Mini, Fcp Grand, Fcp Al and Fcp Steel. These models, each addressing different needs and expectations, offer a combination of durability and aesthetic appearance. The Fcp Mini is ideal for compact spaces, while the Fcp Grand appeals to users with large living spaces. Fcp Al stands out for its light weight and easy installation, while Fcp Steel stands out for its durability even in the harshest conditions. Each model is designed to make the floating living spaces of users’ dreams a reality.