FCP Mini Fast and Practical Floating Structures

While floatable structures are economical and mass production is realized in the factory environment, field installation is extremely practical and fast. FCP Mini allows versatile solutions thanks to its portable structure and one-piece appearance and is our most preferred product group. Moreover, thanks to the modular structure, it can be easily customized and expanded to the desired sizes and shapes.

From Floating Platforms to Industrial Plants: The Versatility of FCP Mini

FCP Mini Floating structures can be used in many areas from marinas to swimming platforms, from floating housing to industrial facilities.

It offers a long-lasting service thanks to the resistance of the raw materials used in the overwater structure to fresh water and salt water. It is also resistant to UV rays and corrosive effects, thus ensuring a strong and reliable structure.


With our FCP Mini product group, we aim to meet the expectations of our customers in the best way possible by offering fast, economical and practical solutions in the floating structures sector. As FCP Marine, we produce floating structures that make your dreams come true with quality and environmentally friendly materials.
FCP Marine